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Maruyama saka shita
Miyakoshiya coffee shop

Maruyama saka shita Miyakoshiya Coffee Shop

Next time you are out walking,enjoying the seasons of Maruyama, drop by the Cafe. The atmosphere is perfect for reading books in peace. This place will restore you to optimum mental capability.

A comment from Mr. Oikawa
(One of the staff)

This main shop has Miyakoshiya's traditional Nell dripped menu. In addition, it has the latest espresso machine which allows us to switch italian and espresso according to the menu. You can enjoy a variety of expresso to suit your taste. You can also enjoy the vary of espresso. Please feel free to ask us.

South 2 West 28, Chuo-Ku , Sapporo
Open at 10:00AM to 12 Midnight

Hall Stairs Cafe 1F

Miyakoshiya Hall Stairs Cafe 1F

Thanks to everyone's continued patronage, this cafe has become one of the most aromatic Cafes in Sapporo since the foundation in 1987 .

Toshiharu Shibata
(the shop manager)

We are located on so called "Shower Street". Regular customers call it "Parco back-street's Miyakoshiya" It is our foundation cafe. That is Hall Stair's Cafe.' Please don't pass it just to say It's too crowd to drop in. The staff welcome you with pleasant music and tasty coffee.

South 2 West 3, Chuo-Ku,Sapporo
Parade Bld.1F
Tel 011-251-2842
OPEN HOUR 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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