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Street Culture

We want to recreate the vibrancy and culture of cities through the Cafe.

European Cafes have a long history of being integrated in defining and producing European culture.At the same time people enjoy chatting, earnestly debating about politics and arts at Cafes. People used to use it as a place of contact.Miyakoshiya is the kind of place where new things are created everyday. There you can feel as if you were in a confortable oasis. It's a sort of open media.That's the Cafe that Miyakoshiya has always wanted to be.To spend at your favorite cafe once a day.To relish the special tasty coffee time. We would like you to cherish that relaxed time ,especially urban people.

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Profile of Miyakoshiya


Magoichi Miyakoshi,Grand father of Yohichi Miyakoshi, founds the inn at North 2 West 3


The inn is remodelled to be a pure Japonesque 'Miyakoshiya Inn'.


The grandfather passes away.


'The Miyakoshiya Inn' is remodelled into a hotel for the then forthcoming Sapporo olympics.


Yoichi starts his classroom from 'Cafe Enseigned'angle' in Harajuku,Tokyo,


"Cafe Enseigned'angle " opens. Yoichi becomes shop master.


"Cafe Ennui"opens in Urasando Maruyama


"Hall Stairs Cafe "opens at Parade Building


As "Roasted coffee Miyakoshiya cafe" ,Yoichi starts selling beans regularly.


Supported by many people in the various fields, Miyakoshiya now has 22 shops with both direct management and consignment.

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