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How to Coffee

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To perk coffee

  • Once the beans have stopped expanding,pour slowly the boiled water right into the center, as if pouring onto a ten-yen coins diameters. When the coffee starts dripping into the server, the farther the beans will expand.
  • Remove the dripper when the required amount of coffee has reached the server.Be careful not to drip all the coffee, as this will cause a gritty aftertaste.Remove the dripper while the water still remains in it.

Voila ! The tasty coffee is done !

Pour it into cups. Add sugar,cream or milk as you like.

Coffee Story [ Voila ! The tasty coffee is done ! ]

How & Where to keep beans

  • We recommend to keep them in cool dark place(e.g. a fridge.)
  • Best before 2 months for whole beans, one month for grained beans.
  • Beans,especially grained ones, hate the moist air . It is best to keep them in the sealed container such as Tupperware or a tinned can.
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